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She is a VO artist with a fresh voice which is very engaging and pleasant to listener’s ears.
Originally from India, She has lived & worked in countries like US, Singapore and UK for several years and as a result have gathered vast experience and great understanding about how people perceive different tones and annotations in what they hear.
Within the short time that she has been a professional VO artist, recorded several audiobook summaries in Hindi (for an app called Yebook) and have done commercial and character voice for different clients in US, Europe and Asia.
She works on a wide variety of VO work, like commercial, IVR, narration, e-learning, explainer, whiteboard video, audiobook etc, with my special love for audiobook both for children and adults.
She is a native bilingual, fluent in both English and Hindi and also well-versed in other South-Asian languages like Urdu and Punjabi.


Narration 1

Narration 2


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