Video Translation Services

VoiceBox: Subtitle Translation for Video

Using native speakers to offer video translation services in over 220 languages

VoiceBox’s video translation services include both translated subtitles, as well as translated voice overs.

We’ll work with you to establish the right service for you and use our native speakers to provide a high quality video translation.

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What is the purpose of video translation?

Translating your video content has one main purpose; it enables your content to be understood in multiple languages, hugely expanding your audience pool. Marketers, especially, are focusing their time and budgets on video content above any other mediums, so adding video translations is the logical next step for reaching new markets.

How do I audio translate a video?

To audio translate a video you will have to transcribe the content of the video in its original language, translate it into your new chosen language, and then either record a voiceover to play over the top of the video, or add the subtitles content to your video.

Audio translating a video is time consuming and is a specialist skill, which is much easier to outsource to a company like VoiceBox.

VoiceOver: Voice Over Translation for Video

Video translation services

As a leading video translator, VoiceBox offers two main video translation services to allow your video content to be understood globally.

1. Subtitle translation for video

The first option available is an extension of our subtitle services. This is where we will add the translated subtitles to your video content so it can be read in your chosen foreign language(s).

Because videos automatically play without sound on social media platforms, the benefit of using subtitling is that, even without sound, users can still understand content. Translated subtitles will also help to grab viewers’ attention quickly and guarantee higher engagement on content.

2. Voice over translation for video

The second option for translating video content is to use multilingual voice over services. Unlike translated subtitles where text is used, voice overs will use spoken language to read the translation aloud, over the top of the original video.

The benefit of using voice overs is that it’s an engaging form of communication and will help your video content stand out, particularly if you are targeting a particular location within a country, where dialects may differ between regions.


You guys have been awesome to work with on this, from getting the original translations to the audio overlay and asset delivery. Really looking forward to working with you on projects in the future.

How to get a video translation from VoiceBox

It couldn’t be simpler to receive your translated video content from VoiceBox. We provide video translation services in just eight easy steps:

  1. Send us the video you want translated and let us know which language(s) it needs to be translated into
  2. We’ll discuss with you whether a translated subtitle or translated voice over is the most appropriate service for your needs
  3. We transcribe the video in its original language
  4. Using native speakers, the script is translated and then checked for errors
  5. We record the voice over, or transcribe the subtitles - depending on your request
  6. We add the voice over or subtitled text to the video, and ensure the video content is in sync with the voice over or subtitles
  7. We edit the video and ensure it’s high quality
  8. You receive your translated video

Why choose VoiceBox as your video translator?

There are three key reasons as to why you can trust VoiceBox as your professional video translator.

1. We only use native speakers.

This means that you’re guaranteed to receive a high quality and accurate translation for your video content. If you require a German voice over, we’d cast a German voice over artist who speaks the language in a way that is truly authentic and will resonate with a German audience, while also being aware of varying dialects between regions.

2. With over 2,000 voice over artists, we offer video translation services in over 220 languages.

3. We also offer video editing services

The final stage of post-production is to ensure you receive a high quality video. You need a reliable video translator who can provide this service for you.

At VoiceBox, we have a full range of video production software and all formats, including HD and standard definition. We can support you with any level of editing that your video production needs.

Our video editing services include standard video editing, graphic editing for on screen text, and translation for on screen text, such as road signs. We can also lengthen and shorten footage with pre-recorded audio, and create graphics from scratch if they aren’t provided.

Why we’re different

We consider every customer we work with as extra members of our team, rather than as clients. When we work together, we aim to establish an honest and open partnership that incorporates regular communication, and collaborative working.

Here are the three reasons that make our subtitle services great:

  • We are versatile: Our video translation services are available in over 200 languages. We are also capable of translating any type of content from any platform, and whether you are interested in subtitles or voice overs, we can adapt to fit what you need.
  • We are collaborative: We will initially chat with you to establish whether subtitles or voice overs will be most effective for your specific content. We will then work closely with you to guarantee satisfaction and always ensure your project is completed on-time and on-budget.
  • We are flexible: We understand the ever-changing nature of video content, and appreciate that changes can be made right up to the last minute. We can work flexibly to adapt our services to fit in with any changes you may have.

 With a 98% customer satisfaction rate, working in over 200 languages, and with 2000+ translators working for VoiceBox, we guarantee high quality video translation services at competitive prices.

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