Typesetting Services

Professional and seamless typesetting services available in over 200 languages

Typesetting is essential for creating a seamless, aesthetically-pleasing and impactful reader experience.

Using native speaking typesetters, VoiceBox delivers professional typesetting services for your printed content.

With a 98% satisfaction rate, trust VoiceBox for your personal or business typesetting needs.

Material being printed

What is meant by typesetting?

Typesetting is the process of arranging text and images on the page so that it’s ready for printing. It’s a process that takes place towards the end of book, newspaper or marketing material production. Typesetting services are those whereby you pay for experts to arrange content on the page for you, to make for the most easy and enjoyable reading.

What is the typesetting process like?

Typesetting can be a tricky process, because the changes typesetters make are so subtle, they are almost unnoticeable. However, when the edits are unnoticeable, this is when a typesetter has done an excellent job. Typesetting is one of the more difficult elements of typography, because one small element being askew on the page can interrupt the entire reader’s experience, and put them off the content altogether. This isn’t the outcome you want when you’ve put so much time and resources into creating the copy.

Why do you need typesetting services?

Typesetting services are useful when you’re:

  • Formatting a novel
  • Creating printed marketing materials
  • Self-publishing an eBook
  • Printing a newspaper or magazine

By hiring professional typesetters, you can ensure that your content reads seamlessly to your audience.

Whether you need typesetting services for your personal novel, or your business’ ebook, the team at VoiceBox can accommodate, whatever your needs.

Our foreign typesetting services

Using professional translation and subtitling services for your typesetting is essential if you’re producing content in multiple languages.

This is because no matter what language your content is in, you want your foreign audience to have an equally seamless reading experience.

We offer typesetting in over 200 languages, and for these services, we only use typesetters who are native speakers for the language they’re working in. This ensures that the linguistic and cultural idiosyncrasies of your written content is preserved.

Whether you need typesetting in English or another language, simply contact us, send us your document, and we’ll use our professional typesetters to create and send your document back to you. It’s as simple as that!

Why we’re different

Our typesetting services are second-to-none, and with our multitude of native speakers available, we can typeset content in over 200 languages.

However, what sets us apart is these three elements of how we operate:

  1. We are versatile: We work with a team of multilingual typesetters who can work in over 200  languages. This means we typeset for businesses and audiences all over the world.

  1. We are collaborative: We will work closely with you to guarantee customer satisfaction and always ensure your typeset materials are delivered on-time and on-budget.

  1. We are flexible: We understand the unpredictable and demanding worlds of publishing, graphic design and typesetting, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality services to a quick turnover, even with making amends if necessary.

With a 98% customer satisfaction rate, working in over 200 languages, and with 2000+ native speaking typesetters, we guarantee high quality and professional looking typesetting services at competitive prices.


How much does it cost to typeset a book?

The traditional print book typesetting costs between £3-4 per page, however, this price varies based on the complexity and length of the text.

How long does it take to typeset a book?

The average book is approximately 90,000 words, and for this length, typesetting can take between five to seven business days. Approximately a second week is needed to review and proof the typesetting.