Subtitle Translation

Are you looking for your video content to speak to audiences all over the world?

With only 25% of the internet speaking English, it’s more important than ever that your video content is understood by a range of audiences, many of whom speak different languages.

If you’re looking to enhance accessibility, localisation, improve SEO rankings and start meaningful conversations that create long-lasting engagement, then VoiceBox’s subtitle translation services are a cost-effective solution that can help you realise your international ambitions.

Not only can the subtitles we create capture the attention of social media scrollers in a domestic market, but it also makes content understandable on a universal scale.

What subtitle translation services do we offer?

Our expert team – which includes industry-specialist linguists – can offer you subtitle translation services to meet the needs of your organisation and your audience.

Our team will review your content through a method of your choosing:

  • SRT Translation: Our team will use SRT Translation software to convert the audio from your content into an SRT file, allowing subtitles to be created. Our expert team will then revise the translation, ensuring that all the subtitles are correct, accurate and localised.
  • Transcription: Transcription is one of the most popular subtitle translation services we offer at Voicebox. Whether it’s medical transcription services; legal transcription services; or transcribing interviews, we pride ourselves on delivering quality transcription with a quick turnover.

    Our team predominantly works with MOV, WAV, MP3 and MP4 files – but we’re equally at home working with CDs, DVDs and audio cassettes. Whatever format you need us to work with, you’ll receive a quality service from our highly-skilled team of expert linguists.

What is the subtitle translation process?

Before the process begins, organisations provide us with either a completed script or a video on its own which we can then translate using SRT Translation or Transcription.

Once we have translated and reviewed your content via one of the above methods, our team will be able to create localised and accurate subtitles. We’ll translate your content into the language of your choosing, which we can then display using various subtitle formats. These include:

  • Closed Captions: Closed Captions are subtitles which the user can turn on and off. Closed Captions gives your content a wider reach, allowing your organisation’s message to be understood clearly, wherever your audience is watching from. Closed Captions can also play a part in boosting your SEO rankings, allowing your offer to be discovered and then understood by audiences around the world.
  • Open Captions: Open Captions are subtitles that are permanently in-view and will play throughout the video. Open Captions are ideal for organisations who are creating content that is likely to be posted (and often automatically muted) on social media.
  • Subtitles for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH): While Open and Closed Captions assume viewers can hear audio, SDH Subtitles are specifically produced for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Which companies use subtitle translation services?

Companies across a diverse range of sectors use subtitle translation services. From Advertising to Marketing to Video Production Houses and beyond, having content viewed and understood is key for the growth of all kinds of organisations.

What type of content do you create subtitles for?

We can create and implement accurate and localised subtitles for a range of content, including:

  • Documentaries
  • Adverts
  • YouTube videos
  • Social media videos
  • eLearning

No matter what sort of content you’re looking to translate, our talented team can help your content be understood and engaged with as your audience grows.

What are the benefits of subtitles?

Online media’s presence in our lives continues to grow, and video content is becoming more and more prominent across every platform. Accessible content has become a key business component for companies operating in the 21st century, and accurately-translated subtitles are an essential part of appealing to a wide audience.

Subtitles are also essential when talking to those who experience some form of hearing loss – a number which is currently estimated at about 466 million people. It’s of the utmost importance for your organisation to create accessible experiences for your audience, and this includes communicating with those who may be deaf or hard of hearing.


Why choose VoiceBox?

Voicebox’s subtitle translation services have helped and continue to help organisations reach a global audience since we started in 2015. Our talented, enthusiastic and friendly team can translate in over 200 languages, making our offer ideal for any organisation with global ambitions. You can read testimonials from our varied client base here.

Whatever kind of audience you want to reach and whatever kind of content you produce, our excellent service and high standard of translation can help your business go even further. Please do contact us for a chat, we’d love to let you know how we can help.