SDH Subtitles

SDH subtitles (subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing) are subtitles which are specifically produced for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Whilst Closed Captions and Open Captions are subtitles for viewers who can hear a video’s audio but not understand the language, SDH subtitles are intended for an audience who can’t hear any audio.

Identifying background noises – such a dog barking or a song on the radio – SDH subtitles incorporate additional measures to ensure that the deaf and hard of hearing community are able to access video content.

Subtitles in amazing technicolour

Another unique property of SDH subtitles is their use of colour attribution for different people/actors in video content. This allows deaf viewers to recognise which actor is saying which line(s).

The benefits of SDH Subtitles

As digital video content becomes an all encompassing genre, from over the top providers such as Netflix to social media videos, the benefits of subtitles have also evolved:

  • SDH subtitles enable viewers that have attention deficits to focus on video content
  • Deaf and hard of hearing viewers can access video content
  • For BlueRay publishers, SDH subtitles are the captions of choice
  • Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing improve the viewing experience in sound-sensitive environments

Need SDH Subtitles?