Open Captions | The ‘Always On’ Subtitles

Open CaptionsOpen Captions are essentially subtitles which are always on or ‘burned in’ to the video content.

Open captions are a great choice for video producers who envision that their video’s audio content will be muted by default i.e. auto-play social media videos. Open captions are also an excellent option for promotional corporate videos which also may have their audio muted in venue’s such as Doctor’s surgeries, University common rooms.

Times Are A Changin’

In a connected world – where audiences are immersed in video content through their smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and even smartwatches – the traditional means of watching video through the living room TV is becoming an increasingly diluted experience. With short, digestible, video content often being watched on the move, ‘burned in’ open captions are perfect for viewers who may have a video’s audio muted but still want to ‘read’ the audio content.

Open Caption SubtitlesIncrease in Social Media Engagement

With 55% of Internet users watching digital video content everyday, the popularity of online video continues to perpetuate. What’s more, social media video content is growing at an exponential rate with over 8 billion video views everyday on Facebook alone.

With the advent of auto-play videos across the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, social media users have no shortage of rich media at their finger tips. But, with all videos being muted by default, and over 80% of social media videos being watched with the volume off, seizing users’ engagement is a challenge for video publishers.

However, adding open caption subtitles to social media videos – such as Nissan’s #Rio2016 campaign on Twitter – can increase video views by 12%.

Accessibility is Key with Open Captions

With over 5% of the world’s population identifying themselves as either deaf or hard hearing, there’s a strong argument that all video publishers should add open caption subtitles to all of their social media videos. In doing so, not only would they increase the social media engagement of their video content but they’d also fulfil their social responsibility to the deaf and hearing impaired community.

In August 2015, Manchester United came under scrutiny for failing to subtitle any of their Twitter videos.

More Views = More Sales

With HubSpot reporting that consumers are 65% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video, the added optimisation and engagement from open captions is a paradigm shift for video publishers to get more engagement, more view and, ultimately, more sales.

Need Open Captions?