Subtitle Services | Closed Caption, Open Caption and SDH

Subtitle Services

Whether it’s for accessibility, localisation, search engine optimisation or increased social media engagement – our subtitle services are arguably the most cost efficient means of optimising your video content.

The 3 Amigos of Subtitle Services

There are three different types of subtitle services – closed captions, open captions and SDH subtitles – so it’s important to chose the right format for your video content. Depending on what you want to achieve, each subtitle format has their purpose.

Subtitle FAQs

Our subtitle services FAQs cover all bases on which subtitle format best suits your needs.

Which are the best subtitles for social media engagement?

Open Captions, also known as ‘burned in’ or ‘always on’ captions, are the best subtitles for social media engagement. In fact, Facebook’s VP of monetisation product marketing professes that, for social media videos, open captions “actually increased view time by an average of 12%.

Which are the best subtitles for multilingual videos?

Both closed captions and open captions can be used for this purpose. It all depends on what you want to achieve from your video content.

If you’re subtitling your video into several different languages then closed captions, with different SRT files, are your best choice.

Which are the best subtitles for SEO (search engine optimisation)?

Closed captions, usually supplied via an SRT file, are a great way to boost your video’s SEO. Closed captions make the dialogue, which previously couldn’t be crawled by search engines, indexable.

What’s more, the likes of YouTube have made it super easy to upload closed caption files to accompany your hosted video content.

Source: Social Media Examiner