SDH Subtitles

High quality and accurately translated SDH subtitles for your video content

Break language barriers and increase accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing community by using SDH subtitles in your video content. VoiceBox’s SDH subtitling services are available in over 200 languages.

SDH subtitles: Specifically produced for the deaf and hard of hearing community

What are SDH subtitles?

SDH subtitles are those that are specifically produced for the deaf and hard of hearing community. The difference between SDH subtitles and closed captions is that while Closed Captions assume viewers can hear audio, SDH subtitles are designed for viewers who can’t.

Why do I need SDH subtitles?

We offer a range of translation and subtitling services, with SDH subtitles being one of our specialities. Whether it’s for film and TV or social media, there are multiple reasons why you should include SDH subtitles in your video content.

1. Increased accessibility

An estimated 466 million people around the world identify as either deaf or hard of hearing. Incorporating SDH subtitles into your videos enables you to reach a wider audience. SDH subtitles include important non-speech audio, sound effects and speaker identification.

2. Improved viewer experience

Not everyone who uses SDH subtitles needs them - some viewers simply prefer to use subtitles when watching videos. Around 10% of television viewers in the UK use subtitles daily, and many more now make use of them when watching clips and programmes online.

3. Enables video viewing in sound-sensitive environments

SDH subtitles allow viewers to watch your content in areas such as offices and libraries where noise is often unwelcome. Using SDH subtitles, your content can be understood when the sound can’t be played.

4. SDH subtitles help maintain concentration and help those with learning difficulties

People absorb and understand content more easily if they can read it while it’s being spoken. SDH subtitles help viewers maintain concentration on the content they’re viewing, and for those with learning difficulties, subtitles can help to digest and understand information.

5. Decrease language barriers

People who don’t speak English as their first language may struggle to understand your spoken content, particularly if it is quickly spoken or technical. SDH subtitles can easily be translated into foreign languages, enabling foreign speakers to understand your content.

How do you get SDH subtitles from VoiceBox? 

We offer our clients SDH subtitles for a wide range of online platforms, and receiving SDH subtitles from VoiceBox couldn’t be easier.

Not only do we have a simple step-by-step process, we also provide all our clients with access to a file-sharing platform. This enables you to see your content come to life and sign the final project off, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

  • You provide us with a video for us to transcribe, and potentially translate, if you are looking for SDH subtitles in a foreign language
  • You may already have the script, in which case we don’t need to transcribe the script
  • The script is uploaded onto subtitling software, where time codes are inserted and the audio is synced to on-screen text
  • We re-watch the video to proofread the captions, checking especially for spelling, grammar and accurate timing
  • You sign off on the project

Throughout this process, we will work with you to deliver your SDH subtitles that fit your particular needs.

Why we're different

We want to ensure that the partnership created between us and our clients is always honest and open. We will strive to work collaboratively with you on your SDH subtitling project and achieve results.

Here are the three reasons that make our subtitle services great:

  1. Versatile: Our SDH subtitles are available in over 220 languages. Our subtitles are versatile to fit the language and style that you need, no matter the length or platform on which your content is played.
  2. Collaborative: We work closely with our clients to guarantee customer satisfaction. We work collaboratively with you to fully understand your requirements, and then tailor our working to ensure that your project will be completed on-time and on-budget.
  3. Flexible: We understand the unpredictable and demanding world of content creation. Even in situations with last-minute amendments, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to still deliver high-quality SDH subtitles despite any difficulties that may arise.

With a 98% customer satisfaction rate, working in over 220 languages, and with 2000+ translators working for VoiceBox, we guarantee high quality open captioning at competitive prices.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.