Open Captioning Service

Our open captioning service provides subtitles for your online videos

Captivate your audience’s interest, increase clicks, and drive sales for your business with VoiceBox’s open captions on your multimedia content. Our services are available in over 220 languages.

Why include open captions in your online content?

In the digital world, short and digestible video content is hugely popular. According to a recent report, 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. However, all videos on social media are muted by default, making it hard for your video to capture attention and guarantee engagement.

On the move or in the office, people rarely unmute videos on social media. And if all of your valuable content is going unheard, your message isn’t getting across.

Open Captions: It's widely estimated that 80% of the world's internet traffic in 2019 will be video


That’s why using VoiceBox as an open captioning service to provide subtitles for your videos is key for success online:

1. Increase engagement

Why do you create video content online? To increase engagement. If your video automatically plays on mute and without open captions, your audience are likely to scroll past it. With online captions, you can spark interest instantly and increase the amount of time people spend engaging with your content.

2. Boost accessibility

People who are deaf or hard of hearing want to engage with your content too, and will be unable to do so unless you use open captioning in your online content. By not including open captioning, not only are you excluding a group of people, you are also decreasing your target market.

3. Remove language barriers

Non-native English speakers may struggle to understand spoken content, particularly if the information is technical, spoken quickly, or complicated. Subtitles ensure that those who may struggle to understand spoken English are just as able to engage in your content as those who do speak the language with ease.

An open captioning service will enable your online businesses to optimise content, improve engagement, increase accessibility, and ultimately drive sales.


But how do you get opening captioning from VoiceBox?

Creating captions couldn’t be easier when using our open captioning service. Simply provide us with a completed script, or even the video itself which we can then transcribe, and we’ll do the rest.

Here’s a step-by-step guide so you can see exactly what service you’re getting when you use VoiceBox:

  • Send us the video of the online content you want captioned.
  • We then transcribe the text. (If you already have a script, great! Skip step one and jump straight in here.)
  • We upload the script to a subtitling software, where time codes are inserted and the audio is synced to on-screen text.
  • Font, colour and placement changes are made to align to with your brand, messaging and audience.
  • Proofreading is done to check spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Quality-control checking of the timing of the captions – sometimes a mis-timed caption can be worse than not having one at all!
  • Client sign off. To ensure customer satisfaction, we provide our clients with access to a file-sharing platform so you have a chance to see your content come to life before signing off the final project.

Throughout this process, we will work with you to deliver an open captioning service that fits your particular needs and will boost your brand and content engagement.

We understand that online content is a rapid industry and you don’t want to wait for a significant amount of time before you can upload your next piece of content. That’s why at VoiceBox we promise quick turnaround times combined with high quality and accuracy.

Why we’re different

We believe that there’s nothing more important than openness and honesty when working with an agency. We strive to ensure all our relationships with clients feel like partnerships and work collaboratively to achieve great results.

Here are the three reasons why the services we offer make us stand out.

  1. Versatile: Our team works in over 220 languages, meaning we can offer our open captioning service to businesses, no matter the content type, length or platform it’s on.
  2. Collaborative: We work closely with our clients to guarantee customer satisfaction. We work collaboratively with you to fully understand your requirements, and then tailor our working to ensure that your project will be completed on-time and on-budget.
  3. Flexible: We understand the unpredictable and demanding world of content creation.ven in situations with last-minute amendments, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to still deliver high-quality services despite any difficulties that may arise.

With a 98% customer satisfaction rate, working in over 220 languages, and with 2000+ translators working for VoiceBox, we guarantee high quality open captioning at competitive prices.