Dr Captions

DrCaptions provides a new AI-powered caption feature for meetings. Users can view the live subtitles of the online meeting, as it occurs.

AI powered captioning converts audio dialogue and sounds into text that appears on a video in real time. DrCaptions is commonly used for events and meetings that are streamed over the internet or for in-person meetings to provide an inclusive experience for participants who may not otherwise be able to hear speakers and sounds at the event.
Our mission is to help make everyday life better by offering accessibility to everyone, whether this is not being a native English speaker, having hearing impairments or just muting a meeting while there is a lot going on at home. Using cutting-edge technology, DrCaptions ensures everyone is involved.

Users can also adjust the text size to cater for those with visual impairments then save and share the AI
captioned subtitles when the meeting, conference or event has finished. Thanks to the subtitles people who
missed the event, conference or meeting can be kept updated by viewing them later — an increasing need in
the remote-work era of the pandemic, where responsibilities can often distract users from their daily tasks.

DrCaptions helps reduce miscommunication, particularly for non-native English speakers who may have trouble
understanding the spoken word. It also offers a more accessible way for engaging with live meeting content.
The machine translation capabilities allow the auto caption to instantly translate to multiple languages to allow ease
of understanding to those who may not speak the native language of the presenter.

DrCaptions allows users to view the live captions of an online meeting, as it occurs. They can also adjust the text size, then save and share the audio subtitles when the meeting has wrapped. Of course, AI live captioning will not be 100% accurate, due to the nature of live captioning, so it should not be relied upon “in life-altering situations.”

Advantages of DrCaptions

  • Make the workplace, meeting or event more accessible with subtitles
  • Share captions of meetings, events, and conferences with individuals not present
  • Gain insight from past meetings
  • Use DrCaptions to analyse sales calls
  • Evaluate candidates by using past interview captions
  • Caption ideas and brainstorming sessions with your team

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