Closed Captions

For years, content creators from a variety of industries have been experimenting with different ways to maximise reach. One of the many things they’ve discovered is that, when it comes to making video more accessible to a wider audience, Closed Captions are king.

With captioned content receiving 40% more views than videos without, the benefits of using Closed Captions are quite literally there for all to see. As well as being applicable to TV, DVD and Blu-Ray media, Closed Captions can also be uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. When it comes to online content, Closed Captions have been found to boost SEO by as much as 40%.

So, if you’re a social media specialist who wants to see their content reach a wider online audience or a producer who is passionate about making your content accessible to viewers with hearing difficulties, our Closed Captions service could be just what you’re looking for.

Closed captions: Subtitles which can be turned on and off

Optimise your marketing strategy with spectacular SEO

In recent years, Closed Captions have been lauded by marketing and production agencies for their video SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits. As advanced as search engines have become at indexing content, they’re largely still unable to ‘listen’ to video and audio.

As a result, they can only rank and index video content based on its text attributes (e.g. a video’s title and description). Through the use of Closed Captions, however, marketers are able to make the spoken word of their videos visible to search engines and boost their all-important SEO.

If you want your videos to transcend language barriers, and would like to avoid spending excessive amounts of money on several voiceovers, Closed Captions are ideal.

So…what do we offer?

We offer our clients Closed Captions for a wide range of online platforms. To ensure customer satisfaction, we also provide our clients with access to a file-sharing platform, where they have the chance to see their content come to life and sign the final project off.

But how do we create Closed Captions?

Before the process begins, companies either provide us with a completed script or a video on its own which we can then transcribe. That script is then uploaded onto subtitling software where time codes are inserted, and the audio is synced to on-screen text.

Before the project is concluded, we watch the video again to proofread the captions, ensuring all spellings and grammar are correct. What’s more, we check the video to guarantee all captions are timed accurately.

What makes us amazing?

Versatile: Working with a team of multilingual subtitlers who can work in over two hundred languages, we create content for businesses and audiences all over the world.

Collaborative: We work closely with our clients to guarantee customer satisfaction and always ensure their projects are completed on-time and on-budget.

Flexible: Understanding the unpredictable and demanding world of content creation, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality services to a quick turnover.