Audio Description Services

High quality audio descriptions for your videos in six easy steps

Provide accessible content to the one in 30 people who experience some form of sight loss with VoiceBox’s expert audio description services. Available in over 220 languages, we use native speakers and experienced audio describers for accuracy every time.

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Audio description services

Audio description services are an extension of translation and subtitling services, whereby audio descriptions are added to video content by professional agencies. Audio description services provide an end-to-end process, with the final product being the audio description inserted professionally into your original video.

What is the purpose of audio description services?

The purpose of audio description services is to make any visual content, such as TV and film content, clear and understandable through sound.

One person in every 30 suffers with some form of sight loss.

Because we’re living in a multimedia-led world, where video content is set to make up more than 82% of all consumer internet by 2022, the purpose of audio description services is to ensure that all video content is accessible to the one in 30 people.

Professional audio description services are essential for those who are blind or partially sighted, in order for them to:

  • Enjoy different types of media and live events, such as TV and cinema or theatre
  • Participate in video conferencing where presentation platforms or video content is used
  • Access cultural tours at museums, galleries or famous landmarks

In addition, there are also accessibility requirements and internal standards that many companies and organisations must meet.

As part of the national standards, media regulator Ofcom has recommended that the UK Government set new requirements whereby Video-On-Demand providers should be obliged to provide audio description for at least 10% of their content catalogues.

How does audio description work?

Audio description works through an experienced narrator speaking aloud any important visual cues that help to understand the content being viewed.

The steps to getting an audio description of any form of video content from VoiceBox are:

    • You send us the original video
    • VoiceBox sends your content to an expert audio describer
    • The Describer then provides us with a transcreated script, which contains details of on-screen visuals – such as body language or expressions
    • The script is then sent to a second describer to edit
    • You will be sent the edited transcript to either suggest possible changes or approve the contents
    • We organise and record the voice over and send you back your audio described content

We understand that the voice over artist needs to have a distinguishable voice from those heard speaking in the original video. We guarantee that the chosen artist will have this different voice, to ensure clarity in the audio description.

If you require audio descriptions for live events, we can provide experts upon request.

Please contact us to arrange this service.

Why we’re different

We want to help you succeed. When you work with us, we want to create an honest and open relationship that benefits everyone. We consider all of our clients as extra members of our team, and we produce high quality audio described videos that achieves your aims.

Here are the three reasons that make our subtitle services great:

  1. We are versatile: Our audio description services are available in over 220 languages. We are also capable of describing any type of content from any platform, including TV, film, advertising or social media videos. We adapt our services to fit the language and style that you need.
  2. We are collaborative: We will work closely with you to guarantee satisfaction and always ensure your project is completed on-time and on-budget.
  3. We are multimedia experts: We work with a range of multimedia content, and have been doing so for years. We are trusted by numerous industry-leading clients to handle their multimedia requests and deliver projects efficiently to high standards. 

With a 98% customer satisfaction rate, working in over 220 languages, and with 2000+ translators working for VoiceBox, we guarantee high quality audio description services at competitive prices.

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