Welcome to VoiceBox the BFF of video content.

Our voice over and subtitle services ensure that our clients’ video content is viewed by the largest possible audience. What’s more, everything we do is in over 200 languages so we’re the perfect partner for content creators who have global ambitions.


Located in the hub of South Wales’ renowned production and tech hubs, we work with an expansive client base that includes everything from entertainment behemoths, such as Discovery Communications, to up and coming production agencies like GinGenious.

In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin: Necessity is the mother of invention. And so it is, with the rise of video content touching every facet of our digital lives, that video accessibility is an absolute necessity for our clients. Whether it’s localising video content for different territories – through multilingual voice overs – or fulfilling social corporate responsibility – through subtitles – VoiceBox is your go to partner for all of your multimedia needs.

To find out more about the VoiceBox team, drop by our aptly named ‘Meet The Team’ page. If you’d like to cut to the chase, and catch up with us directly, then please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

We can’t wait to help you find your voice!

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